For years, online retailers have been leveraging kopigin – an automatic product description generator available on its own and as an app through Shopify – to quickly and effectively create engaging product content. Through kopigin, users could generate unique product descriptions in either paragraph or bulleted form by selecting attributes relevant to their products in categories including House and Home, Apparel, Electronics, Toys, Jewelry, and more. 

If you were an existing kopigin user, then you have probably noticed a big change to the look and feel of your dashboard by now. That’s because kopigin is now known as ginnie.

The Rebrand

Over the past year, while customers were actively using kopigin to create content, the team behind the app was working hard in the background to enable system upgrades like new categories, customization options and a deeper content library. The natural next step to these exciting updates was to re-introduce the app with a fresher look and a catchier, more personified name.

The Details

Our Solution Brings  Natural Language Generation  to eCommerce.

Leveraging natural language generation (NLG), ginnie automatically creates unique and engaging product descriptions for online catalogues. The app serves small to medium sized businesses, retailers, marketplaces, and eCommerce partners, while also offering custom solutions for enterprise-level companies. 

With new categories ranging from Action Figures to Women’s Fragrances and everything in between, more sellers can now benefit from automatic product description generation than ever before. And with ginnie’s content library constantly evolving, users can enjoy new and richer product sentences with every regeneration. 

The Future

As it stands, ginnie works in much the same way as its predecessor, kopigin. Existing users will not notice a change in the method of creating product descriptions, except for the benefit of richer content outputs. 

The ginnie team – made up of marketers, designers, programmers and data scientists – continues to work behind the scenes on more milestone upgrades that include artificial intelligence (AI) components like image recognition and AI-written content.

Explore all ginnie has to offer on our website and stay tuned for further updates as they are released.

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