Imagine, as a retailer, having the ability to write high-quality product descriptions for your entire catalogue within seconds. With the power of artificial intelligence (AI), online content generators can do just that.

In eCommerce, automation is most often leveraged in the form of chat bots, product recommendations and automated ordering. Each of these applications relates directly to the customer’s purchasing experience. According to Business Insider, up to 85% of customer interactions will be managed by AI by 2020.

But what about the content production process itself, before products are even loaded into an eCommerce site or marketplace? That’s where automated content generation comes into play.

1. No Writing Team Required

By utilizing an AI-powered content creator, you’re taking production off the plates of a copywriting team and into a software application that handles the writing process itself. Whether they are freelancers or employees, managing a team of writers can be a difficult task in terms of time, effort and quality – not to mention the cost of hiring multiple writers.

2. Quick Turnaround

While it may take a copywriter 30 minutes to craft one robust product description, an online content generation tool does so within seconds. This level of automation allows you to save money spent on time-based copywriting tasks, speed up the product onboarding process, and start selling sooner.

3. Ability to Scale

With a production time of just seconds, the ability to scale up is exponential. Automated content creation allows you to generate product descriptions for one or thousands of SKUs depending on your needs and sales cycle. With ginnie, you can start small by using the free trial and pay-as-you-go options, and then easily scale up when your requirements change.

4. Built-in SEO

A well-trained automatic content generator like ginnie understands SEO. It develops sentences based upon product-specific details that are optimized for search. This saves you the financial and time-based investment of hiring an SEO specialist to perform keyword research and manually optimize your product copy.

5. Automatically Follow Guidelines/Requirements

A good content generation tool can be trained based on your existing brand guidelines or content requirements. This means fewer inconsistencies to deal with and less of a need for editor intervention – saving you many billable hours.

From the cost of pulling together a copywriting team, to the time spent re-optimizing and editing copy, content creation is expensive. When saving money matters to your business, streamlining production with an automatic content creation software is one way to save across many pillars. If you’re ready to learn more about automated content and what it can do for your bottom line, contact ginnie today.

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