For over three years, the ginnie app has been providing online sellers with unique, high-quality and engaging product copy created using natural language generation (NLG). From home décor to children’s toys, and from apparel to electronics, sellers across a variety of categories have experienced quick, efficient and affordable product description creation thanks to the power of NLG. 

ginnie is an app available on its own or through Shopify, offering automated product description creation to online retailers, marketplaces, eCommerce partners and small to medium size businesses. Each of these groups benefits in unique ways from ginnie’s powerful natural language processing (NLP) capabilities. 


Online retailers face unique challenges when it comes to product content, whether they manage a team of internal copywriters, freelance content creators, or a mixture of both. From inconsistent tone and quality, to misused brand guidelines, to the simple time and effort required to develop content at scale, product description creation can be a hassle.

ginnie has many benefits, but for retailers specifically, the app offers:

  • Quick turnaround time – generate descriptions within seconds
  • Low production cost – between $1.25 and $3 per description
  • Brand guidelines – standards that are followed closely or developed for you if required


eBay marketplace

With vendors across different industries, product categories and experience levels at the heart of any online marketplace, inconsistency is a natural challenge. From varying degrees of content quality to missing product data and incomplete listings, the way vendors present their products directly reflects how customer experience your marketplace.

For marketplaces, our NLP application offers:

  • SEO – ensure vendor listings are driving traffic with optimized copy
  • Professional output – high-quality content that is consistent across all listings
  • Project management – a dedicated team member to work on guidelines and governance

eCommerce Partners

eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Volusion and BigCommerce may face similar challenges as marketplaces due to the nature of working with a large number of sellers. Merchants leveraging these platforms may require assistance when it comes to developing product content. By partnering with ginnie, an eCommerce platform can offer the app’s NLP tools to its merchant base, ensuring high-quality content across the board.

ginnie’s benefits specific to eCommerce partners include:

  • Easy implementation – ginnie can be included as an in-platform feature or within an app store
  • SEO – content-rich product descriptions that drive traffic to your customers’ sites
  • No added cost – merchants take on the cost of developing content (and pricing is low)

Small to Medium Size Businesses

ginnie review

One of the largest groups currently taking advantage of ginnie’s NLP AI capabilities is small to medium size businesses. With its ease of use and large library of unique content, ginnie offers these businesses fast content creation at scale with one simple interface. When a store owner implements ginnie into their ongoing content creation strategy, they receive the full benefits of a powerful AI app with a simple-to-use interface:

  • Fast turnaround for high-volume work
  • Low production cost
  • High-quality, professional-sounding copy
  • Content that has been optimized for search engines
  • Defined and consistently followed brand guidelines
  • Responsive customer support from a ginnie team member

To learn more about how our natural language processing app is helping eCommerce companies sell more online,contact us or check out ginnie in action with a free trial.

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