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Using Natural Language Generation to create quality product content at a low cost.

An Automatic Content Generator for Marketplaces

  • eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon and eBay face daily challenges when it comes to product content. With individual sellers who are often new or inexperienced, working out inconsistencies in tone, format and quality of copywriting across a marketplace can become overwhelming. Marketplace standards are often misused, and the result is a store that appears unattractive or is not user-friendly from vendor to vendor.
  • With our advanced NLP solution, you can trust ginnie to automatically create thousands of unique product descriptions for your sellers. Our content generator leverages an attractive mix of feature/ benefit statements and your marketplace requirements. ginnie delivers site-wide consistency in quality your customers will grow to expect from your eCommerce marketplace.
ginnie is a product description generator that quickly fills your sellers’ catalogues with quality content that reflects marketplace requirements.

How ginnie addresses common content challenges



Sellers do not optimize product content for search

  • All product descriptions include product-specific detail that is Search Engine Optimized

Volume & Turnaround


Content creation for large numbers of SKUs from thousands of sellers with quick turnaround times

  • Quality product descriptions produced at scale across a wide variety of categories and sellers

Project Management


New, small, or inexperienced sellers with limited knowledge of eCommerce content standards and best practices

  • A dedicated ginnie Project Manager will collaborate with your team to develop the guidelines and attributes relevant to your marketplace. After establishing the attributes and related values for each product category, ginnie interprets the data you supply and generates intelligent copy based on each data point provided



High cost of hiring copywriters

  • Low production cost with no added head count



Inconsistencies in tone, format and quality of content from seller-to-seller

  • Professional-quality copy that follows a consistent language and style while ensuring proper grammar, syntax and spelling.

Branding & Standards


Poorly defined, undefined or disregarded marketplace requirements and guidelines

  • Customized content for your sellers based on their brand standards and your marketplace guidelines (No guidelines? Our team can help you create them.)

infographic outlining how ginnie works for marketplaces
  • ginnie is an advanced content generator powered by Natural Language Generation. A type of Natural Language Processing, and a subset of Artificial Intelligence, ginnie takes your sellers’ data (in the form of product types, names, attributes, brand guidelines and templates), interprets it, and transforms it into narratives to be used in your eCommerce store.
  • By integrating ginnie’s description generator within your marketplace, you can define clear content requirements for your sellers and provide them with the tools required to easily create content that meets those standards. In collaboration with your ginnie Project Manager, you will define category-specific guidelines, attributes and values relevant to your marketplace. Your sellers then provide specifications for each of their products, which ginnie interprets to generate intelligent copy based on the provided data points.

Are you a marketplace looking to improve the quality and consistency of product content across your site? Book a consultation today to see how ginnie’s custom solutions could work for you.

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