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for Enterprise

Using Natural Language Generation to automatically create compelling product content that is customized to fit brand guidelines and fill entire catalogues.

Product description displayed on laptop computer

An Advanced Product Description Generator Customized to your Organization's Needs

Are you part of an enterprise-level company looking to improve workflow and engage shoppers with quality content? Book a consultation today to see how ginnie’s custom solutions can work for you.

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  • Enterprises face challenges on a daily basis when it comes to product content. From an overwhelming volume of SKUs to multiple teams of copywriters, working out inconsistencies in the tone, format and quality of work can be daunting.
  • ginnie’s enterprise solution works by automatically generating customized content based on approved guidelines that consider branding, tone, SEO requirements and more.

    This leads to:
    - Professional-quality content
    - Low costs
    - Quick turnaround time

How does ginnie work for Enterprises?

  • ginnie is an advanced content generator application powered by Natural Language Generation. A type of Natural Language Processing and a subset of Artificial Intelligence, ginnie takes your data (in the form of product types, names, attributes, brand guidelines and templates), interprets it, and transforms it into narratives to be used in your eCommerce store.
  • A dedicated project manager works with you to determine the guidelines and attributes relevant to your product base, and then ginnie generates intelligent copy based off of those data points. The content generated by ginnie is always unique to your brand and to each specific product.