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multiple browser windows displaying products descriptions for apparel


ginnie is an automated content generator powered by Natural Language Generation. This NLP tool responds to your selections to produce automated product descriptions that are fully customized for your online store.

multiple browser windows displaying products descriptions for apparel

This automatic content generator is capable of handling thousands of SKUs for businesses with multiple product categories. With a feature-rich user dashboard, ginnie makes it easy to use and manage all your product content in one place.

Explore ginnie’s powerful description generator features

  • Product information control by department, category, item, or custom field

  • Powerful text management functions for each type of product

  • Secure log-in and client dashboard for managing your account

  • An intuitive content generator control panel

  • An extensive list of pre-set categories and descriptive parameters

  • Ability to create multiple catalogues to manage all your lines of business

  • A user-friendly interface with prominent support links

  • Web-based software - no downloading - ensures instant accessibility from any location